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Let the FeedThatBlog Wordpress plugin do the heavy lifting for you...

Blogs are great for getting your content out there. People love reading blogs. But adding content every week, or worse, every day, can be SO time consuming.

Let's get real: it's not rocket science to add content to your blog. But it takes time to:

  • Login to your dashboard
  • Click Add New Post
  • Create a title
  • Write your post
  • Finally, click publish

And you have to do that for every single post you make!

Even worse, if you want your content to roll out over time to keep visitors returing, you have to manually schedule every single post by hand AND try to work out what date the next post should go live on.

But it's easy to feed your blog with tons of your content when you have an automated helper.

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What if you could use a "child's play" simple plugin to upload dozens, hundreds or even thousands of your blog posts from the articles you have, with just one click?

What if that plugin could automatically schedule all those posts so they roll out slowly, over time, the way Google - and your site visitors - love?

If you're building a serious blog of any kind, you already know that you need good content - and lots of it. What you may not know is that you don't have to add it post by post.

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It's so easy to BUY (or even create) all your content at one time. Doesn't it make good sense that it should be just as easy to add all your content at one time, with just one click?

If you:

  • Buy PLR content
  • Write your own unique content
  • Outsource your content creation
  • Use public domain material

My plugin will work for you. If you have articles in text files, you can upload 1, 50, 500 or thousands of articles in one sitting, all at the click of a button. It just doesn't get any simpler.

What a no Brainer!

OutsourceOKHey Amin,

Just a quick note !

And I bought the developer licence because I am setting up an outsourcing company in the Philippines.

Along with Jiffy Articles, Instant Article Wizard, Best Content Spinner and Thrifty Content - Feed That Blog is just such a complimentary plug in!

I have one client who has more than 300 web sites and wants 5 articles a day of 300 words. Now I can also offer to post them for him as well!

He is smart enough to realise the value in having that done, instead of manually doing each one.

But for $27 for the developer license I think I am somewhat smarter and hope he hasn't seen your post! :)

Thanks Amin. Great idea.

The simplest ideas usually are!

Cheers and...

Kind regards,

Nobby Kleinman


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Look, I know I'll get some people who'll cheat me by buying then refunding immediately, just to save a few dollars. But I'm willing to take all the risk to make sure you get a great little tool for your online business.

But I'm super confident you'll stay in, you'll implement my system and you'll send me a great review telling me how much more you've accomplished. I think you'll like the bonuses I'll be adding over time, too!

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System requirements: This plugin works on Wordpress blogs hosted on your own domain. Your hosting will need to have Ioncube loaded - most good webhosts do, or will load it for you. Licensing: After purchase, you'll be licensed to use this plugin on every blog you own. The plugin does not create content for you. It works with content you have already created.

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